The KCORC Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the awardees from the 2021 round of applications for the KCORC scholarship.

Applications to the scholarship were reviewed by the Scholarship Committee after which two awardees were identified. Alessandro Capiello and  Chiara Poletto will both receive funding to cover travel and accomodation costs related to a short-term research project.

The KCORC scholarships are aimed at enhancing the education experience of graduate students and young researchers, in addition to fostering knowledge exchange.

You can find more about the funded projects here.

Alessandro Cappiello

Robust design of supersonic vanes operating with non-ideal flows

Institution: University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Host institution: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Project overview:

The aim of the project is to develop a robusy design methodology for supersonic stator vanes of mini-ORC turbines that can eventually be used to establish novel design guidelines. The method will be based on a flexible vane parameterization that will enable the design to automatically obtain the optimal vane type and shape for a given application, and for abitrary working fluids.

Chiara Poletto

Numerical and experimental investigation of Carnot batteries based on organic Rankine cycles

Institution: University of Bologna, Italy

Host institution: University of Liege, Belgium

Project overview:

The aim of the project is to advance knowledge of Carnot batteries based on the reversible organic Rankine cycle concept, namely a concept in which the power unit can be operated as heat-pump or ORC generator. Notably, the project will encompass modelling and tessting activities useing a novel 10 kW demonstrator under realization at the Thermodynamics Laboratory of the University of Liege.

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