As of December 2017, KCORC has been officially registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce as “Stichting Knowledge Center on Organic Rankine Cycle Technology”, with identification number 70288283.

The objectives of our community remain unchanged but have been now formalized in the Statutes: KCORC promotes research, development, education, and implementation of ORC power systems in all fields. This is done, for example, through the organization of conferences and seminars, but we are also thinking of other activities that could help fostering our objectives. Any financial surplus deriving from our activities will be reserved for scholarships and prizes for excellent young researchers and engineers in our field, and to the expansion of our pursuit.

The Statutes of the foundation provide detailed information regarding succession scheme for all board positions, in accordance with best practices applied in similar organizations and on our KCORC website, the compositions of the different committees (e.g., Editorial Committee, Scientific Committee) are shared will all the members. Moreover, KCORC is committed to provide regular updates on the ongoing activities through newsletters, Social Media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter) and, also via general informatory notes sent via email to the membership.

Despite our best efforts and practices in complying with privacy data handling, we are aware that email marketing and misuse of personal information are a growing concern for many professional and non-profit organizations such as KCORC.

In order to provide more context, the Data Protection Directive and Data Protection Act of 1995 laid the initial structure for European privacy laws and compliance. However, with new and increasing data creation, handling, and storage challenges, a result of the meteoric rise of social media and cloud computing, the Data Protection Directive lagged behind.

With the implementation of the GDPR ( in early 2018, the EU now boasts the most comprehensive and protective digital privacy regulatory framework in the world, striking an effective balance between privacy and data protection rights and fundamental human rights and other public and private interests.

As the activities of KCORC relies on its membership, we are committed on actively protecting user privacy and demonstrate full compliance with GDPR Privacy Policy according to EU mandatory requirements. Therefore, the KCORC Board will implement the following steps:

  • Verify at least once a year the willingness of each current members to stay engaged with KCORC. The membership can be cancelled at any time.
  • Establish a dedicated section on the KCORC website that provides up-to-date information regarding GDPR and e-Privacy regulations (this page).
  • Provide transparent information regarding the use of data

As a closing remark, we value and respect our membership and we strive to ensure personal information remains protected. By complying with EU GDPR regulations, we commit to carry on activities in full transparency and members are free to opt-out the membership and the emailing list at any time.ur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.