About us

The Knowledge Center on Organic Rankine Cycle technology (KCORC) stemmed from the results gathered from a questionnaire distributed during the First International Seminar on ORC Power Systems in 2011. The numerous community that participated to that successful event wanted to get organized, and to promote a set activities performed voluntarily by its members. KCORC was legally incorporated on December 12th 2017, after operating for few years without a more structured framework .

This website is the hub of our community of professionals from the academia and the industry dedicated to the promotion of ORC technology. The KCORC website is a tool to disseminate information on the basics of this technology, current research and development, a way to facilitate networking and direct efforts towards a more rational and standardized regulation, facilitating the diffusion of ORC systems for the conversion of renewable energy sources.  


Legal and Financial Information

Administrative details of the KCORC foundation:

  • Name: KCORC: Stichting (Foundation) Knowledge Center on Organic Rankine Cycle Technology
  • RSIN: 858237799
  • Adress: Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands
  • E‐mail: info@KCORC.org
  • Chamber of Commerce: 70288283
  • Bankaccount: NL25ABNA0813148006

More details on the legal and financial aspect of the KCORC foundation are in the following documents: