Dear IGTI committee members,
The IGTI Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is looking for participants for a Turbo Expo 2016 panel session on Careers in Turbomachinery. The SAC is a committee of students who work to organize student events at Turbo Expo, as well as panel and tutorial sessions open to all conference participants. Following the well received networking panel session in 2015, the SAC is planning a “Turbomachinery Careers” panel session for TE 2016.
The SAC is looking for strong members of the community willing to share their career experience. The hope is to have a diverse group of panelists with experience in industry, government, academia, and entrepreneurship. Below is an example of the panel session description.
SAC Panel Session: Careers in Turbomachinery
This panel session features established leaders in industry, academia, and government who have made important contributions to the development and our understanding of gas turbine engines. The panel will address the following:
·  What does it take to be successful in each career path?
·  What challenges will students face entering these careers?
·  Within each career path, what types of opportunities are available?
If you are interested in serving as a panelist, or know someone who would make a good panelist, please contact the SAC at before February 26th. Thank you for your help!
SAC Team
Chair: Katie Kirsch
Vice Chair: Jacob Snyder
Secretary: DIogo Pitz
Past Chair: John McClintic