All Board members, advisors and other vunteers are very busy with tasks that benefit our community…

  • The website of the ORC 2021 International Seminar has been launched and we are very proud of the new modern look. Kudos to our TU Munich colleagues that are taking such a good care of organizing  our conference! The call for abstracts also went out and we will include short technical papers in a track dedicated to developments in industry.
  • The Standards and Regulation guidelines are taking shape. It is now a draft of 44 pages. This is the first step towards the objective of having one of the suitable international organizations to issue standardization documents on ORC technology.
  • Our efforts of convincing some of our participating companies to sponsor KCORC is slowly but steadily bearing fruits. Soon a web page with the logos of our sponsors will be published.

Warm regards,

Piero Colonna
KCORC Board Chairman