This was the last meeting of the first Board of Directors of the KCORC foundation. For this reason, it was a quite crowded board meeting because also all the new Board members were invited together with the Chairman of the Editorial Committee of our website.

We therefore welcome the new board members, who were appointed according to our succession plan:

Dr. Henrik Öhman, Atlas Copco, Vice Chairman,
Prof. Jürg Schiffman, EPFL, Secretary
Prof. Davide Ziviani, Purdue University, Member at large
Prof. Sotirios Karellas, National Technical University of Athens, Member at large


Myself and Dr. Marco Astolfi will continue to serve as Charmain and Treasurer, respectively, and we are happy to announce that Prof. Jos van Buijtenen accepted to serve one more term as a member at large, in order to keep an active connection between the Standards and Regulations committee and the Board. We have added one position to the board, which is for the former Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, Prof. Karellas in this case. In this way the knowledge gained with the demanding task of the organization of the conference can be shared with the board and kept alive.

We are also happy to annouce that we have found the right candidate for the 2021 edition of our conference, and it will soon be announced.

The work of the Standards and Regulations committee is progressing very well and a first draft of the Technical Guidelines is being revised by the members.

Another very positive news is that on 8-11-2019 there was the first teleconference of the KCORC Energy Harvestin Advocacy Group and the first action points have been distributed among the members. Stay tuned!

This is is for now, and we look forward to the first meeting of the new board next year. We wish every member of the KCORC community a peaceful Christmas holiday and a wonderful 2020.

Piero Colonna, KCORC Vice Chairman