The members of the Board and the Board advisors  are very active and involved in a number of actions.

The first draft of the White Paper titled “Thermal Energy Harvesting – the Path to Tapping into a Large CO2-free European Power Source” is almost ready, thanks to the efforts of four main authors and a number of volunteers who provide feedback. Meetings among the four authors are every two weeks, while those with the enlarged group are every one month and half. The essence of this paper and of the initiative of our Thermal Energy Harvesting Advocay Group (TEHAG) will be presented at the Virtual Annual General Meeting of the European Turbine Network – ETN, during the session on Thursday, July 2nd 2020. This is the first of the event in which we plan to start to be present.

In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, we have reached out to all the people who registered as members of KCORC asking to confirm their Active Member status, by accessing their account via the KCORC website. We then deleted all the accounts of people whose email does not exist anymore, or who did not take action. We are therefore happy to tell you that as of today we have approximately 380 active members.

Finally, we are about to launch a sponsorship campaign aimed at sustaining the many activities of KCORC. We, the volunteers, enthusiastically put a considerable share of our time into organizing conferences, workshops, propelling our Advocacy Group and our group for the formulation of standards and regulations, awarding scholarshoips and prizes, maintainng the website and all needed administrative tasks, and we do it completely for free. However, costs are unavaodiable, and we hope our membership will support all this and the other ideas that we are generating in order to make KCORC ever more successful.

This is it for now, I wish a serene and fulfilling summer break to all our members,

Warm regards,

Piero Colonna
KCORC Board Chairman