Here are some news after several Board meetings.

The new initiative of the workgroup on Standards and Regulations is well under way. There were two meetings of the group, and now the rules for the process have been conceived. We will soon post the minutes of the first meeting on this website. We are very happy that this endevor is taking off as we believe that the outcome will be very relevant for our community.

The Scholarships committee has completed the selection process and three candidates have been notified of their success and have received the award letters. The names of the candidates have been published on our website as well.

The organisation of the next edition of our conference in Athens is progressing smoothly and the review process has been completed. We have started some discussions regarding the location of the 2021 edition. More will be communicated during the KCORC meeting at the end of the conference.

We are also discussing with other organisations, namely the organizing committee of the Rankine 2020 conference and that of the European Conferences on Supercritical CO2 (sCO2)  about cooperation. We will keep you posted.

Piero Colonna, KCORC Vice Chairman