Dear fellows and friends of KCORC.

It is with high expectations and a great amount of respect that the new Board has started its work for KCORC. The knowledge of our predecessors, as well as the fruits of their work, is invaluable to enhance the impact of KCORC activities. We are particularly happy to know that Piero will remain as advisor to the Board. His support is not only crucial but also warmly welcomed. Thank you Piero!

The new board consists of Chair (Henrik Öhman), Vice Chair (Jurg Schiffmann), Treasurer (Marco Astolfi), Secretary (Steven Lecompte), Member at large (Davide Ziviani), and Advisors (Piero Colonna, Jos van Buijtenen, Sotirios Karellas and David Sanchez).

The year of 2021 promises some highly interesting challenges and opportunities for KCORC.

The ORC2021 conference is of course a pivotal occasion for the members of our community. Knowledge is not only about what you read or hear, it is also very much about whom you interact with. So far arrangements are proceeding in very professional manners and we all look forward to attending this event.

The colossal European framework of the CETTIR (Clean Energy Transition – Technologies and Innovations Report), as well as the Horizon Europe research framework, are both forming this year and KCORC has an important role to funnel its expertise and industry contacts to the most effective use. A separate committee (TEHAG – Thermal Energy Harvesting Advocacy Group) coordinates this work under the leadership of Piero Colonna. 2021 will be a busy year for that committee.

Creation of industry standards for ORC products is ongoing in different parts of the world. Our committee for Standards and Regulations, led by Jos van Buijtenen, cooperate with those processes and is also producing dedicated Technical Guidelines for ORC power plants in general.

For members of our community, the KCORC website is a worthwhile place to search for information and interaction. Our Editorial committee, led by Steven Lecompte, does a fantastic job in updating and renewing the website. I strongly recommend that you too once in a while spend some time browsing those web pages.

With wishes for a year full of opportunities and new insights.

Stockholm January 29, 2021

Henrik Öhman

Chairman of the KCORC Board