Our last board meeting took more time than anticipated, therefore the meeting of 7-12-2020 of two hours was extended today by another hour. We have so many things going on…

I am again happy to report that preparations for the ORC2021 conference are progressing very well, and recommend that you have a look at the website if you didn’t already!

In addition, I am very proud to announce that we succeeded in obtaining sponsorships from member companies and we will soon publish a dedicated web page here to recognize those most valued contributions.

This is my last piece for News from the Board, as I am stepping down from being the Chairman of our organization, and I enthusiastically welcome my successor, Henrik Öhman! I will continue to serve as an advisor to the Board.

Finally, let me wholeheartedly wish a happy holiday season and new year to all of you, precious members of the KCORC community! This year has been exceptional also for reasons we would have gladly done without, however, it is impressive how KCORC is progressing regarding the objectives we had set out one year ago, even through the inevitable difficulties created by the pandemic. We all are immensely grateful to our KCORC volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to our community.

Warm regards,Piero Colonna
KCORC Board Chairman