During the last board meeting which just ended, it was decided to issue a news item on the KCORC website to keep the membership informed on the Board activities.

As announced in the past, a Standards and Regulations workgroup is beeing formed. Prof. van Buijtenen and Prof. Colonna established a relation with NEN, the Standardiazion Agency of the Netherlands, who will support the activities, which we hope will lead to international standards related to ORC technology. Next week Prof. van Buijtenen will meet NEN again to organize the start of the actiivities of the workgroup.

The board has established good relations with two communities with very similar or identical interests, the Engine ORC consortium and the orgnizers of the Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Symposium, and agreements are being made such that they will also contribute to our ORC 2019 conference in Athens, with perspectives for more activiteis together in the future. In addition, KCORC is discussing a possible collaboration with the organizers of 2020 Rankine Symposium that will be held in Glasgow to commemorate the 200th anniversary of William Rankine’s birth.

The board is also engaged in a campaign to attract sponsorship for our organization and the first positive feedback from relevant companies is coming in.

The organizers of ORC 2019 regularly report their progress to the Board and it looks like everything is moving toward a wonderful edition of our biannual Seminar.

Finallly, in January the ORC map should become embedded in our website. More news on this later. This is one of the activities of the Editorial Committee of the KCORC website, and the results of this recently revamped group will soon be apparent.

Jos van Buijtenen, KCORC Chairman