Sustainable technologies for future long distance shipping towards complete decarbonization

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Time period: May 2021 to April 2025

Funder: European Union Horizon 2020 (

Total budget:  9,500,000 EUR

Short description:

The main objective of the ENGIMMONIA project is the decarbonization of long-distance shipping. Besides the use of ammonia as an innovative and change-making energy vector also certain energy efficiency technologies will be demonstrated on board. Amongst them: Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC). The ORC demonstrator can produce up to 200 kW of electricity and will be installed on one of the demo vessels. The integration of the technology will make use of jacket water cooling and steam from waste heat recovery at the engine exhaust. The prototype from Orcan Energy will be tested and pre-qualified at the Technical University of Munich with its large-scale heat source prior to installation on the demo vessel. Additionally, a smaller ORC prototype from ORCAN energy (100 kWel), will be provided at the National Technical University of Athens, for further testing. The operational data collected during operation will be exploited in an Energy Management System (EMS), which will be used to evaluate the performance and to assess the full potential.

Other technologies to be demonstrated within the project are adsorption chillers for passenger ferries and PV-systems.

After the integration of the ENGIMMONIA solutions on board the operational data collected will be exploited in an Energy Management System (EMS), which will be used to evaluate the performance and to assess their full potential.

Data from all the demo phases, will be used for model development. These models will in turn be integrated into a comprehensive numerical platform, that will allow for thermo-economically assessment, for various types of ships and operating conditions.

The project is a well-balanced joint effort between universities, research institutes, technology providers, engineering consultants and vessel owners to develop, implement, test these technologies and to disseminate the results.


  • RINA Consulting S.p.A. – IT (co-ordinator)
  • National Technical University of Athens – GR
  • National Research Council – IT
  • Technical University of Munich – DE
  • University of Genoa – IT
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – GR
  • Tecnalia Research and Innovation Foundation– ES
  • Technical University of Denmark– DK
  • Lunds University – SE
  • Polytechnic of Milan– IT
  • Orcan Energy AG – DE
  • METIS Cyberspace Societe Anonyme Software and Electronic Systems– GR
  • Fahrenheit Gmbh – DE
  • C-Job & Partners B.V.– NL
  • Ricreation Ike – GR
  • Seastema S.p.A.– IT
  • MAN Energy Solutions SE – DE
  • ANEK – GR
  • Danaos Shipping & Co. Ltd. – CY
  • Ports of Genoa – IT
  • Famous Accounting, Technical, Commercial, Brokering, Shipping Single Membered Company Limited – GR
  • Haldor Topsoe AS – DK