Title: Whaves - Waste HeAtvalorisation for more sustainable energy industries

Acronym: Whaves

Time Period: 2013 - 2016


Total Budget:

Financing: SILC (EU)

Short description:

WHAVES project started up in December 2013 within SILC I (Sustainable Industry Low Carbon scheme) program of the European Commission. The SILC initiative was launched in order to help the European energy-intensive manufacturing industries to combine the economic and environmental goals in a competitive way, developing and adopting low-carbon technologies and measures to ensure the EU´s industrial competitiveness both within and outside of the EU whilst combating climate change. The SILC initiative contributes to the objectives of the Europe 2020 growth strategy and its industrial policy flagship initiative.

WHAVES is a continuum of two previous projects: HREII (Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries) – policy project and HREII Demo – demo project (www.hreii.eu) .
ORC is a cross-sectorial technology, applicable in a number of sectors as iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, glass, etc.

The technology fosters an estimated potential turnover of 8 B€ and potential reduction of 6 Mt of CO2 emitted annually in the European Union.

Website: http://www.whaves.eu/the-project/