Acronym: SCORC

Time Period: From 2013 to 2015


Total Budget:  € 769 359 .38

Financing:  National Funded, Program SYNERGASIA II

Short description:

The project aims to develop and bring into the market a small scale (5-10 kWel) low temperature (80-100°C) SuperCritical Organic Rankine Cycle Engine (SCORC) so that the huge potential of low temperature thermal sources (waste heat, geothermal energy etc.) to be efficiently and cost effectively exploited for power generation. Currently, the commercial and research state-of-the-art systems deal with the subcritical ORC variant. The main difference of the aforementioned “traditional” subcritical ORC with the supercritical ORC is the operation of the latter at supercritical conditions. The anticipated performance improvements, compared to a subcritical ORC, will be the outcome of three discrete fields of intervention:

Website: http://supercritical-orc.aua.gr/