Acronym: SolBio-Rev

Project title: Solar-Biomass Reversible energy system for covering a large share of energy needs in buildings

Project website: https://www.solbiorev.eu/

Time period: May 2019 to April 2023

Funder: Horizon 2020 (Grant agreement ID: 814945)

Total budget: € 4,790,536.25


Short description:

The objective of the project is to combine multiple promising renewable energy solutions based on solar, ambient and bioenergy, having at the core an innovative heat pump-based configuration to achieve a very high renewable energy share in buildings. The core of the system is a reversible heat pump/ORC system coupled with solar collectors equipped with TEGs, a low-emission biomass boiler and an adsorption chiller for efficient generation of space heating, cooling, DHW and electricity. In the framework of the project, all systems will be developed, individually tested and integrated for testing of the whole system.

The key objectives of the SolBio-Rev project are:

  • Development of a reversible heat pump/ORC system
  • Development of a cascade adsorption chiller coupled with the reversible unit
  • Development of innovative subsystems i.e. low-emission and high-temperature biomass boiler, solar collectors with thermoelectric generators (TEGs)
  • Realisation and testing of two SolBio-Rev prototype systems in small-scale pilot buildings at two different climatic zones
  • Achievement of high overall renewable energy share (above 85%)