Acronym: MarineORC

Time Period: From 2013 to 2014



Total Budget:  € 92.250

Financing: Det Norske Veritas

Short description:

Conceptual design (“design”) construction and testing of a subcritical organic Rankine cycle (ORC) mobile experimental prototype for waste-heat recovery from marine Diesel engines. The capacity of the ORC engine will be approximately 5 kWe with a heat input of around 50 kWth (max. organic fluid temperature around 150-200 °C). Scale-up aspects will also be investigated.

This is a collaborative project between National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – Laboratory of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants (LSBTP) and Det Norske Veritas Research & Innovation (DNV) which is based in Høvik, Norway, and in Piraeus, Greece.