Title: Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries

Acronym: H-REII

Time Period: 2012 - 2015


Total Budget: 882.411,2

Financing: European Comission (LIFE)

Short description:

TEnergy intensive industrial processes (iron, steel and cement production, glass making, etc.) emit heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment. Technological and non-technological barriers have negatively influenced the introduction of more energy efficient systems that are able to recover effluents for energy production in energy intensive industries (EII). Power generation from effluents, currently considered a waste, could drastically reduce, and in some applications eliminate, the energy consumption of fume depuration, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts. Considering these conditions, in January 2010 the First European project concerning the mapping of waste heat recovery in energy intensive industries has started on a pilot local territory. This project, financed as LIFE08 ENV/IT/000422 "H-REII", has the objective to promote policy and governance actions to support innovative solutions for recovery and energy valorization of process effluents in Energy Intensive Industries (E.I.I.) and quantify the potentially saved CO2. The H-REII Demo project is the continuation and implementation of the H-REII project.

Website: http://www.hreii.eu