Acronym: RO-Solar-Rankine

Time Period: From 2005 to 2011



Total Budget:  € 1 516 000

Financing:  EU Funded, FP6-SME, Project no. COOP-CT-2003-507997

Short description:

This project aims at providing a reliable and safe technology for fresh water production, mostly in places that suffer from water shortage. It is a fact that many coastal areas and island all over the Mediterranean Sea, face a substantial problem in water availability.  The problem is partially resolved by pumping water from boreholes, by transporting water with ships, or by constructing dams. The intensive pumping leads to an increase of water salinity, lowering the quality of water that becomes harmful for the human health. Gradually, pumping is done from more and more deeper level destroying the aquifers. Water transported by tankers is not drinkable, while the topography and geology does not always allow the dams’ construction. In many cases the application of desalination plants seems the most rational way to resolve the fresh water lack.  

Website: http://www.rosolar.aua.gr