Acronym: Up-THERM

Project title: Innovative high efficiency phase change fluid based heat engine

Time Period: From September 2013 to June 2015


Total Budget: 

Financing:  EU FP7 project number 605826

Short description:

Converting energy efficiently has been always one of the main issue tackled by the scientific and technological communities. In the last years, more effective, environmentally acceptable energy transformation equipment suitable at different power output ranges is highly needed in view of modern trend towards a better utilization of fossil fuels and renewable energy and recovering of waste heat in industry and dwellings. The need of an improvement of efficiency of energy conversion systems and simultaneous reduction of emissions stimulate the development of non-conventional heat engines. A demand in better engines is especially evident in the power range from a few kW to a few MW and operated from various heat sources including low grade ones, such as sustainable sources – solar, geothermal energy, biomass, and waste heat.

Website: http://www.uptherm.net/