Workshop Overview

Geothermal energy is a viable alternative source to provide highly reliable baseload electricity on the path toward a decarbonized energy economy. Recent advances in the areas of engineered and deep geothermal technologies have created opportunities for surface power generation to operate at higher temperatures with higher efficiencies and reliability. However, as the drilling technology has advanced, there has been insufficient focus on the need for matching surface equipment and systems. Direct flash, indirect organic Rankine, sCO2 and other plant cycle machinery and systems must be developed to meet the demand for advanced geothermal surface power technology. The Geothermal Energy Machinery and System (GEMS) Workshop aims to provide an opportunity for industry experts to meet and discuss the technology development needs for advanced geothermal surface plants. This joint industry-government-academia GEMS workshop will provide an open information and networking session with the primary goal to advance geothermal power plant technology. Researchers, industry partners, and end-users will meet in this workshop to discuss state-of-the-art technology and application requirements, identify technology gaps and research needs, and develop guidance to coordinate and direct future pre-competitive R&D activities related to geothermal power technologies. Open discussion sessions will be held to solicit input from workshop participants on the direction of energy storage research funding. This 1.5-day event is jointly organized by members from the industry, academia and the US Department of Energy.


Southwest Research Institute

6220 Culebra Road

San Antonio, TX 78238


Day 1: 08:00 AM – 5:35 PM

Day 2: 08:00 AM – 12:30 PM


This an an invitation-only event.

There is no cost for this workshop


If you are interested in participating, please contact us, or the workshop organisers to discuss.


Planning committee

Klaus Brun (Elliott), Tim Allison (SwRI), Derrick Bauer (Elliott), Jamie Beard (Project Inner Space), Mike Caravaggio (EPRI), Nick Cestari (Criterion EP), Chris Ellis (Atlantica), Magaly Flores (EPRI), Akira Goto (Ebara Corp), Joseph Greco (Calpine), Diane Fischer (Kiewit), Brian Higgins (Babcock & Wilcox Company), Lee Hill (Trane Technologies), Chris Jowers (SwRI), Kelsi Katcher (SwRI), Rob Klenner (Baker Hughes), Amanda Kolker (NREL), Renaud Le Pierres (Meggitt), Jack Lewnard (ARPA-E), Mike Matson (BCG), John Muir (GreenFire Energy), Adam Neil (Elliott), Jordan Nielson (SwRI), Frederick Redell (Redell Engineering, Inc.), Peter Rice (Siemens Energy), Matt Rosenfeld (Cyrq Energy), Brian Setzenfand (Elliott), David Stasenko (Elliott), Cindy Taff (Sage Geosystems), Nate Weiss (Sage Geosystems), Ken Wisian (University of Texas)